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Happy Birthday Robert Ingersol! Who’s He?

Robert Ingersol was the greatest orator in American history. In honor of his August birthday, here are a few of his words to ponder and cherish. I need say no more. Ingersol Quotations “A fact never went into partnership with … Continue reading

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Jesus, Conservative or Liberal ?

Jesus, Conservative or Liberal? The following letter, sent to me by my friend Richard, will help you decide if Jesus, had he been alive today, would be a conservative or a liberal. Richard calls conservatives, “Cafeteria Christians.” Read on to … Continue reading

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Political Stalemate, Inaction, and Evolution

Political Stalemate, Inaction, and Evolution What does evolution have to do with political stalemate and inaction? Everything. I’ll explain. A May, 2012 article in New Scientist magazine explained it all. I’m still frustrated with political inaction but now at least, … Continue reading

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