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I am a retired medical/scientific illustrator and creator of patient teaching simulators, who has given up illustration to write about science, superstition, and secular humanism. I consider myself all of the following: atheist, agnostic, secular humanist, freethinker, skeptic, and nature lover. I have several published books but the mass of my writing is unpublished. I write children's fiction, poetry, essays, and several plays and radio theater shows, that are available as free downloads to be used on secular podcasts and meetings. They can be heard on Indy Freethought Radio or on YouTube “secularradiotheater”. I hope some of my writings will be of interest to like minded freethinkers who I cordially invite to respond. I am also a Darwin impersonator. I invite readers to listen to and use the Darwin script for secular purposes.

New racially correct book: “Little Brown Sabu and the Tigers”.

 ANNOUNCING A NEW BOOK BY CRAIG GOSLING:  “LITTLE BROWN SABU AND THE TIGERS” replaces “Little Black Sambo and the Tigers” Little Black Sambo and the Tigers was a popular book written and Illustrated in 1899 by Helen Bannerman while she … Continue reading

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Secular Quotations by Famous Humanists

Want inspiration? Need Quotes? Well, here are some quotations for your files, writings and debates. “I believe in an America where the separation of church and state is absolute, where no Catholic prelate would tell the president (should he be … Continue reading

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Mivart’s Dilemma (Dante’s Infirmary)

This story is available on YouTube at Secular Radio Theater in a theatrical form with actors, music and sound effects. “An apology for the Devil: it must be remembered that we have heard only one side of the case: God … Continue reading

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Reflexology Imagine the magic of feet. Musty from trudging, sweaty from pounding up and down the hardwood. Bearing obese weight accumulated from generations of gastric evolution. Having transported hunter-gatherers and migraters from Africa to Asia to America. Covered with waterproof … Continue reading

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Sex As A Cure All and

BOOK COMMENTARY Bonobo Handshake by Vanessa Woods When I ask people what they know about their closest primate cousin, the bonobo, they all say something to the effect; “Isn’t that the sexy little monkey I’ve heard about?” First of all, … Continue reading

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Fiction by Graygoosegosling – The Murdoch’s – Thylacine – Wolfric

My first attempts  at writing fiction reflect my inattention during high-school English classes and my lack of attending formal writing classes. You will discover misspellings, grammatical errors and story-line ambiguity, among other things. In spite of these short comings, I … Continue reading

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To Be Virgin Or Not

To Be Virgin Or Not, That is the Question Does it make sense that males as well as females stay virginal prior to marriage? Does it make sense that persons not eat a delicious meal prior to their 21st birthday … Continue reading

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Does prayer In the Huddle Really Work?

Does Prayer Work in the Huddle? A definitive answer is better found in a scientific study than in my casual observations of athletic events over the years. Nevertheless, let me present my observations and conclusions prior to actual scientific studies. … Continue reading

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Shall We Ridicule Sacred Beliefs?

Shall We Ridicule Sacred Beliefs? As teenagers in school we studied the Inquisition; today we understand and totally reject its principals and its methods; we are embarrassed to admit that it was sponsored by Catholic and Protestant churches of the day. … Continue reading

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Free Darwin Presentation

Darwin Presentation and Panel Discussion The following presentation has been performed several times with a Darwin impersonator. In the absence of an impersonator, all the roles may be performed by readers. The questions at the end of the reading are … Continue reading

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