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My Friend Moses

I recently saw the movie Exodus and it reminded me of a medical journal article by two epidemiologists, John Marr and Curtis Malloy. They explained the ten plagues of Egypt from the scientific point of view. Sure, it has been done before by … Continue reading

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T’was The Night Before Christmas, 1946*

‘Twas the night before Christmas, 1946, and my extended family was gathered around a festive Christmas dinner table when my dad asked us to bow our heads for the traditional blessing. He began with “Thank you Lord for this bountiful … Continue reading

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Atheist Poetry

Here’s a few more light atheist poems to chew on. Rainy Days Rainy days don’t give a damn if they ruin your picnic plan. Lightning strikes where it pleases despite our prayers to dear Jesus. Tsunami waves just don’t care … Continue reading

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Dustbowl Christmas Past

 Christmas Past A friend of mine shared a file of old family letters describing the terrible hardships endured during the dustbowl years. The letter inspired me to imagine what Christmas must have been in those times. Most of the settlers/farmers hoped … Continue reading

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Poems By An Atheist – Inspiration, Science, Humor and Ridicule

Poems By An Atheist Wikipedia lists several hundred atheist writers and poets. Freedom From Religion Foundation has it own list of atheist writers and poets. Several internet sites cater to atheist poets. These lists omit the thousands of unknown atheists … Continue reading

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