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My Brother Died Watching Fox News

My Brother Died Watching Fox News No, he did not overdose on Fox News, but I suppose that is possible, especially for a fair-minded person. Fox News’ claim of being fair and balanced, as the world knows, is a standing … Continue reading

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A Pretty Woman but not a Pretty Man

Remember the Movie “Pretty Woman”? Think of it from a business/political perspective. This is another letter from my friend Richard. After surviving cancer and its treatment, he seems to be able to look at life from a slightly different perspective … Continue reading

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Religious Freedom or Secular Reason

Religious Freedom or Secular Reason Two news items in the Indianapolis Star presented two dilemmas. Does religious liberty trump state security concerns in prisons? Does Muslim terrorist John Walker Lindh have the right to pray with fellow Muslims whenever he … Continue reading

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Christian Neurology? How not to relate.

Christian Neurology (How not to put thoughts together.) Several previous blogs are from and about my friend Richard. Richard recently and successfully battled though cancer treatment. He is a kindly and intellectual gentleman who is inoffensive, polite, and thoughtful. I … Continue reading

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The Raw Side of Quakerism?

The Raw Side of Quakerism? The Indianapolis Star Newspaper, Faith and Values Section, asked three local religious leaders the same question. Two replies were predictable but one reply from a Quaker was startling. Question: Should older values be defended or … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday Robert Ingersol! Who’s He?

Robert Ingersol was the greatest orator in American history. In honor of his August birthday, here are a few of his words to ponder and cherish. I need say no more. Ingersol Quotations “A fact never went into partnership with … Continue reading

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Jesus, Conservative or Liberal ?

Jesus, Conservative or Liberal? The following letter, sent to me by my friend Richard, will help you decide if Jesus, had he been alive today, would be a conservative or a liberal. Richard calls conservatives, “Cafeteria Christians.” Read on to … Continue reading

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