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Dustbowl Christmas Past

 Christmas Past A friend of mine shared a file of old family letters describing the terrible hardships endured during the dustbowl years. The letter inspired me to imagine what Christmas must have been in those times. Most of the settlers/farmers hoped … Continue reading

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My Brother Died Watching Fox News

My Brother Died Watching Fox News No, he did not overdose on Fox News, but I suppose that is possible, especially for a fair-minded person. Fox News’ claim of being fair and balanced, as the world knows, is a standing … Continue reading

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Roy story#14 Roy and the Heifer

Roy and the Heifer This Roy story takes place while Roy was in college and is a true story based upon the author’s actual adventure while he worked on a cattle and sheep ranch in Wyoming. I listened to it … Continue reading

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Animal Poems for Children

The following poems are taken from my book For The Love of Animals They are meant for children but good for all ages. Most sales have been to grand parents who love to read to their grand kids. I hope … Continue reading

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Have You Ever Eaten Your Pet Chicken?

Sharon is the wife of a good friend of mine who shared her interest in writing with me. She was born and raised in China until she was able to immigrate to the USA. I asked her if I might … Continue reading

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More Children’s Poems

Children’s Poems part Two From the book “Rhyme and Reason with Animals” by Craig Gosling Midnight Snack When it’s dark and there’s no moon, about twelve hours since high noon, that’s the time for a midnight snack on a table … Continue reading

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Roy Story #9 – Roy and the Forest Fire

Roy and Millie Escape a forest Fire Roy and the Forest Fire Roy’s bladder woke him up; it reminded him that he drank too much at dinner. He reluctantly rolled out of his lower bunk, slipped into his mocs, and … Continue reading

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