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Does prayer In the Huddle Really Work?

Does Prayer Work in the Huddle? A definitive answer is better found in a scientific study than in my casual observations of athletic events over the years. Nevertheless, let me present my observations and conclusions prior to actual scientific studies. … Continue reading

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T’was The Night Before Christmas, 1946*

‘Twas the night before Christmas, 1946, and my extended family was gathered around a festive Christmas dinner table when my dad asked us to bow our heads for the traditional blessing. He began with “Thank you Lord for this bountiful … Continue reading

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Atheist Poetry

Here’s a few more light atheist poems to chew on. Rainy Days Rainy days don’t give a damn if they ruin your picnic plan. Lightning strikes where it pleases despite our prayers to dear Jesus. Tsunami waves just don’t care … Continue reading

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Religious Freedom or Secular Reason

Religious Freedom or Secular Reason Two news items in the Indianapolis Star presented two dilemmas. Does religious liberty trump state security concerns in prisons? Does Muslim terrorist John Walker Lindh have the right to pray with fellow Muslims whenever he … Continue reading

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A Tree fell and Changed the World. Design or Chance?

A Tree Fell and Changed the World (Was it design or Chance?) On a beautiful autumn day, a little gray squirrel buried an acorn in the woods next to a farmer’s field. The acorn was just one of the many … Continue reading

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Another Letter From a Long Suffering Friend

Another Letter From a Long Suffering Friend. At my request, my friend Richard agreed to share a few stories bout his cancer treatment. Some of the stories are heartbreaking due to the suffering Richard had to endure. Many other cancer … Continue reading

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