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New racially correct book: “Little Brown Sabu and the Tigers”.

 ANNOUNCING A NEW BOOK BY CRAIG GOSLING:  “LITTLE BROWN SABU AND THE TIGERS” replaces “Little Black Sambo and the Tigers” Little Black Sambo and the Tigers was a popular book written and Illustrated in 1899 by Helen Bannerman while she … Continue reading

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Sex As A Cure All and

BOOK COMMENTARY Bonobo Handshake by Vanessa Woods When I ask people what they know about their closest primate cousin, the bonobo, they all say something to the effect; “Isn’t that the sexy little monkey I’ve heard about?” First of all, … Continue reading

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Atheist Poetry

Here’s a few more light atheist poems to chew on. Rainy Days Rainy days don’t give a damn if they ruin your picnic plan. Lightning strikes where it pleases despite our prayers to dear Jesus. Tsunami waves just don’t care … Continue reading

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Poems By An Atheist – Inspiration, Science, Humor and Ridicule

Poems By An Atheist Wikipedia lists several hundred atheist writers and poets. Freedom From Religion Foundation has it own list of atheist writers and poets. Several internet sites cater to atheist poets. These lists omit the thousands of unknown atheists … Continue reading

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Why Do Evangelicals Reject Climate Change?

Why do Evangelicals Reject Climate Change? A Pew poll discovered 66% of American evangelicals don’t believe in man made climate change compared to 36% of the non-evangelical population who don’t. Several reasons for this difference have been offered according to … Continue reading

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Noah’s Post Deluge Diary

Noah’s post deluge diary is an effort to better explain what happened once the great ark came to rest atop of Mt. Ararat. It is an entertaining and informative approach to the premier events which are the moral precepts of … Continue reading

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New publications by Craig Gosling

Two new books written by me that you might be interested in: The Adventures of Roy The Animal Boy – A little boy discovers he has a special skill of communicating with animals. Kids will love the book which is … Continue reading

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“God and Obama”

“God and Obama Care” was an Opinion Letter in New Scientist Magazine, Oct 2013. It caught my attention for obvious reasons. It’s from Rev. Dr. Derek Suchard’s review of Ara Norenzayan’s book, “Big Gods: How religion transformed cooperation and conflict.” … Continue reading

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Roy and the Wolf Pack

This is another story about Roy when he worked as a zookeeper at the prestigious NYC Bronx Zoo. Zoo. It was one of the many exciting stories recorded by Roy’s dad in his journal. Roy’s Wolf Pack Roy used a … Continue reading

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Pogo and Walt Kelly Had It Right

Pogo and Walt Kelly had the right idea. “We have seen the enemy and he is us.” Pogo Walt Kelly could not have been more prophetic. Microorganisms are often our worst enemies, but we can’t live without them. They are … Continue reading

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