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Free Darwin Presentation

Darwin Presentation and Panel Discussion The following presentation has been performed several times with a Darwin impersonator. In the absence of an impersonator, all the roles may be performed by readers. The questions at the end of the reading are … Continue reading

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Chat With Dan Barker

Dan Barker visits CFI Indiana, November 15, 2015 I recently had a chat with Dan Barker prior to his presentation at CFI Indiana. He was pushing his new book The Purpose Driven Life, (oops), The Life Driven purpose. We chatted … Continue reading

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Population Growth Will End The Earth As We Know It

World Population Grows – Threatens Wars, Starvation, and Plagues  But, not to worry friends, there’s little you can do until Pope Francis has a heart to heart with God. The world population has surpassed 7.2 billion this year. In spite … Continue reading

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Secular invocation for you free

Dear ——-, The recent U.S. Supreme Court decision, Greece v. Galloway encouraged me to write this letter to you. In the spirit of the court’s decision, please consider the following secular invocation to be read by me, at your earliest … Continue reading

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My Friend Moses

I recently saw the movie Exodus and it reminded me of a medical journal article by two epidemiologists, John Marr and Curtis Malloy. They explained the ten plagues of Egypt from the scientific point of view. Sure, it has been done before by … Continue reading

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Poems By An Atheist – Inspiration, Science, Humor and Ridicule

Poems By An Atheist Wikipedia lists several hundred atheist writers and poets. Freedom From Religion Foundation has it own list of atheist writers and poets. Several internet sites cater to atheist poets. These lists omit the thousands of unknown atheists … Continue reading

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