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Placebos Again – New Research on how they work

Placebos Again – New Research on how they work. This information might be important to you. An article in NewScientist, Sept, 2012 by Colin Barras broadened my understanding of placebos. I’ve done research on them and how they work; how … Continue reading

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Roy Story #12 – Roy and the Drowning Gorilla

Roy and the Drowning Gorilla This is another Roy story as told by Roy’s father in his journal. This fictional story is based upon a true event. Roy leaned against the chipped metal rail bordering the habitat area and watched … Continue reading

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Gorillas, Our Cousins

Gorillas, Our Cousins Public radio, station 90.1 in Indianapolis presented an interesting program about zoos. I tuned in late but here are a few stories they told. A family group of gorillas, that had lived on cement floors behind steel … Continue reading

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Darwin’s Cold Shower Therapy

Darwin’s Cold Shower Therapy. Did it Offer Relief? Charles Darwin was under the impression that cold shower therapy gave him some relief from his infirmities. He suffered most of his adult life from a variety of afflictions, such as weakness, … Continue reading

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A Pretty Woman but not a Pretty Man

Remember the Movie “Pretty Woman”? Think of it from a business/political perspective. This is another letter from my friend Richard. After surviving cancer and its treatment, he seems to be able to look at life from a slightly different perspective … Continue reading

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