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Endosymbiosis and Symbiogenisis, The death of Lynn Margulis

Lynn Margulis Dies – But Endosymbiosis Lives On. In case you never heard of endosymbiosis, it is a controversial new theory by Dr. Lynn Margulis, which adds to our understanding of evolution. It simply states that the internal structures (organelles) of … Continue reading

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Rubin’s Christmas Story

Rubin’s Dustbowl Christmas Story  It’s time for a Christmas story. In these times of overindulgence for many, but not all Americans, I thought it appropriate to tell a different kind of Christmas story. Although I’m an atheist, I still love … Continue reading

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From Cave Paintings to Computers

 From Cave Paintings to Computers (The history and value of medical illustration) What do these people have in common? Leonardo DaVinci, Andreus Vesalius, Seigfried Albinus, Max Broedel, Tom Jones, and Frank Netter? The were medical illustrators, a profession that played … Continue reading

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Roy story #3 – Roy’s Turtle and Dolphin Adventure

This adventure is based upon actual events. It will teach kids about the natural wonders they might find during a beach vacation. Read it to your kids and/or grandchildren or have them read to you. It’s the very best way … Continue reading

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Roy story #2 – Roy and the Last Saguaro

Roy and the Last Saguaro (A story lesson about evolution and ecology for kids.) “Roy and the Last Saguaro” is different from other Roy stories. It is really all about evolution, written so a child can understand it. It is … Continue reading

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Poetry Break – A few poems for your entertainment

Poetry Break (A poem a day keeps the stress away) Here are a few secular poems for your entertainment. “Archaeopteryx Nightmare” was my answer to Creationist denials concerning the Archaeopteryx fossils. Creationists do not accept the fossils as transitional animals … Continue reading

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Book Review: BEAK OF THE FINCH by Jonathon Weiner

Beak of the Finch – Jonathon Weiner, winner of The Pulitzer Prize, honored nature writer and lover. Author’s note: The following is a book report presented by me to the Center For Inquiry Indiana, 2007 and modified 2011. “The process of … Continue reading

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