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Have You Ever Eaten Your Pet Chicken?

Sharon is the wife of a good friend of mine who shared her interest in writing with me. She was born and raised in China until she was able to immigrate to the USA. I asked her if I might … Continue reading

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Jesus, Conservative or Liberal ?

Jesus, Conservative or Liberal? The following letter, sent to me by my friend Richard, will help you decide if Jesus, had he been alive today, would be a conservative or a liberal. Richard calls conservatives, “Cafeteria Christians.” Read on to … Continue reading

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Political Stalemate, Inaction, and Evolution

Political Stalemate, Inaction, and Evolution What does evolution have to do with political stalemate and inaction? Everything. I’ll explain. A May, 2012 article in New Scientist magazine explained it all. I’m still frustrated with political inaction but now at least, … Continue reading

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God Damn the Pastors Who Have Left the Church

God Damn the Pastors, who have left the Church If there is a God and if he ever damned any one, the pastors who have rejected him are the people he would damn first, (if that’s the kind of God … Continue reading

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Little Religious Atrocities…are easy to forget

Little Religious Atrocities are easy to forget. It just occurred to me that it’s time to blog about all those “Little Religious Atrocities” (LRAs) that we read about every day but tend to forget quickly. They are too small to … Continue reading

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