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The Raw Side of Quakerism?

The Raw Side of Quakerism? The Indianapolis Star Newspaper, Faith and Values Section, asked three local religious leaders the same question. Two replies were predictable but one reply from a Quaker was startling. Question: Should older values be defended or … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday Robert Ingersol! Who’s He?

Robert Ingersol was the greatest orator in American history. In honor of his August birthday, here are a few of his words to ponder and cherish. I need say no more. Ingersol Quotations “A fact never went into partnership with … Continue reading

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A Somali Proverb

A Somali Proverb I recently came across an old Somali proverb that dripped with both ruthlessness and wisdom. It describes human behavior in stressful times, as during a famine. “Me and my clan against the world. Me and my family … Continue reading

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A Tree fell and Changed the World. Design or Chance?

A Tree Fell and Changed the World (Was it design or Chance?) On a beautiful autumn day, a little gray squirrel buried an acorn in the woods next to a farmer’s field. The acorn was just one of the many … Continue reading

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God’s Belly Button

God’s Belly Button (Questions children should not ask their Sunday school teachers) Teacher – “The bible tells us we are made in God’s image.” Child – “If I’m made in God’s image, does it mean that God has a belly … Continue reading

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