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Religious Freedom or Secular Reason

Religious Freedom or Secular Reason Two news items in the Indianapolis Star presented two dilemmas. Does religious liberty trump state security concerns in prisons? Does Muslim terrorist John Walker Lindh have the right to pray with fellow Muslims whenever he … Continue reading

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Roy Story #11 Fiction – Roy and the Tasmanian Tigers

Roy and the Tasmanian Tigers This story is one of a series written by Roy’s Father, Ambrose Dimwitty, about his son’s adventures with animals. Roy tried to move his arms and legs but they would not respond. He tried to … Continue reading

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Christian Neurology? How not to relate.

Christian Neurology (How not to put thoughts together.) Several previous blogs are from and about my friend Richard. Richard recently and successfully battled though cancer treatment. He is a kindly and intellectual gentleman who is inoffensive, polite, and thoughtful. I … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday to a Heretic

Happy Birthday to a Heretic, Robert Green Ingersoll, died 1899 1899 – Robert Green Ingersoll – The most Famous man everyone heard of. 2012 – Robert Green Ingersoll – The most famous man few people remember. Ingersoll was called the … Continue reading

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