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Cheers for HNN, Humanist News Network

Cheers for HNN (Humanist News Network) HNN is a weekly Internet magazine produced by the American Humanist Association. A typical edition of HNN contains news, opinion, lifestyle pieces cartoons and humor…just like a regular newspaper except each piece addresses the … Continue reading

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Roy Story #7 Roy and the Mystery Feline

Roy and the Mystery Feline If you have read any of the preceding Roy stories, you know that Roy has a history of unusual experiences with animals. This is story number seven about a mystery feline. The Roy stories as … Continue reading

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The Placebo Effect – a free powerpoint presentation for you

 “The Placebo Effect” was the topic for a recent presentation at the Center For Inquiry Indiana. Judging by attendance and the follow-up questions the topic was one that interested people. Is the placebo effect real? Can it lessen pain and … Continue reading

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Nursing Home Gauntlet

Nursing Home Gauntlet – A plea for mercy, a plea for relief, a plea for sanity A dozen nursing home residents sit in wheelchairs on either side of the lobby hallway as if waiting for their chance to break out … Continue reading

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He, Who Drinks Boiling Tea

Dear Reader: What follows is the disturbing tale of George Jackson Mivart, who abandoned his friendship with colleague Charles Darwin only to be, in turn, abandoned by his Catholic church and excommunicated. The story begins in hell and ends with … Continue reading

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Ancient Humans

Ancient Humans Almost every day new information is published about ancient humans and our relationship to them. The evidence they are our ancestors and ancient cousins is overwhelming. The subject is fascinating to me and moved me to write a … Continue reading

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Darwin’s Birthday, Feb 12, 1809

Darwin’s Birthday Reminder! Let’s celebrate the great man’s 203 birthday. It is a day worth remembering for science minded people and Creationists alike. Try to imagine what this world would be like without the concept of evolution. I know, if … Continue reading

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Theistic Evolution, another choice for Christians

Creationism then Intelligent Design and now, another choice for Christians, Theistic Evolution (Don’t miss poem at end of blog, “Darwin is My Hero”) Creationism does not offer scientific explanations to the sophisticated and educated Christian concerning evolutionary science, and neither … Continue reading

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The Golden Rule Don’t Work

The Golden Rule Don’t Work A Parenting Column in the Indianapolis Star contained a mystifying story about a grade school teacher who was reprimanded by his Principal for an unusual event. The teacher had stopped a bully who had been … Continue reading

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Do Creationists Have A Point?

Do Creationists have a point ? Joe, a friend of mine and member of the Center For Inquiry Indiana had long been troubled by the Creationist claims that scientists cannot demonstrate evolution in the lab before their eyes. He thought … Continue reading

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