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He Who Drinks Boiling Tea

You have heard of Charles Darwin and George Wallace, but have you heard of St. George Jackson Mivart? The following story “He Who Drinks Boiling Tea” is written as a radio theater Play for Free Thought Radio. It is a … Continue reading

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He, Who Drinks Boiling Tea

Dear Reader: What follows is the disturbing tale of George Jackson Mivart, who abandoned his friendship with colleague Charles Darwin only to be, in turn, abandoned by his Catholic church and excommunicated. The story begins in hell and ends with … Continue reading

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Roy Story #5 – Roy and the Monster of the North Latrine

Roy and The Monster Of The North Latrine All Roy stories are based upon real events as told by Roy’s father who kept a journal documenting his son’s adventures with animals Roy didn’t believe the Monster of the North Latrine … Continue reading

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