Population Growth Will End The Earth As We Know It

World Population Grows – Threatens Wars, Starvation, and Plagues

 But, not to worry friends, there’s little you can do until Pope Francis has a heart to heart with God. The world population has surpassed 7.2 billion this year. In spite of those in power doing their best to kill off the unfortunate populations of poor and weak nations, in just two more years there will be 2 billion more humans competing for the earth’s dwindling resources. Does God realize this? He sure as hell acts as if He doesn’t know what’s happening. Pope Francis is an intelligent and educated man, surely he is aware of the impending disaster. Surely he knows prayer will not stop population growth. Or, does he?

Pope Francis appears to be pushing for doctrinal changes in his church. True, he has some pushback from his Bishops, Cardinals, high up Vatican officials who, like in times of old, have resisted change to protect their status, wealth and power. They still believe that increased births mean increased church members and increased power. No doubt, some church leaders do not question the sad consequences of their stand against birth control. They believe church doctrine is the word of God and they accept it without question. Obedience to God is the greatest duty of all. Follow, accept, pray, do not question, do not think for oneself, be obedient to superiors and God. Obedience is the greatest of all things God asks of us.

The Pope talks to God at least several times per day. Certainly he has time to bring up the single most important problem humanity faces today. Well, Pope Francis did have a heart to heart prayer talk with God and I received a copy of it last night while in the middle world of sleep and wakefulness. It went something like this.

Francis – “God, are you there? It is I, Francis your obedient servant.”

God – Stop it, stop it! You always begin that way. I’m sick of it and your poor grammar. Of course I am here. How many times must I tell you I am everywhere?

Francis – I praise you dear Father and am reluctant to admit my misunderstanding of ‘your will be done’ thing. I have questions that I cannot resolved by reading your book.”

God – I gave you a brain to reason with.” Have you used it lately? No, of course you haven’t. You need to be creative and open to change as your world changes.

Francis – I’m sorry Lord. Lately it has been brought to my attention that earth’s population will soon be 9 billion even though millions die each year from war, plagues and starvation. Non-believers claim birth control techniques might slow down the birth rate and spare the suffering of millions. This is what I have been told by knowledgeable and sincere experts.

God – Yes, I am well aware of this pending disaster. I knew about it when I created the universe.

Francis – My Lord, May I ask why you never warned my predecessors or me about it?

God – My poor Francis, they and you never asked. And, had you asked and I answered, you would not have listened. I know the ways of your church. I created humans with more than ears and tongue, I created them with a thinking brain.

Francis – I try to use it dear Father but I am hesitant. I fear I will displease you by changing your policy.

God – You have displeased me and so have your despicable predecessors. Fear has made you impotent. You all have acted to benefit yourselves and the church, but seldom humanity. You have wasted the brains I gave you.

Francis – Then, do I have your OK to go ahead and suspend the church’s opposition to birth control, at least temporarily? It is, I have been told the most significant thing I can do to forestall the ongoing calamity that all humanity now faces.

God, are you there? Why don’t you answer me? I need you guidance. Please God…

Obviously, no one is listening to reason. Below is the essence of a letter I recently wrote to the Editor of the Indianapolis Star.

 Dear Editor of the Indiana Star Newspaper:

Past Indiana senator, Richard Lugar has heard part of the message from God. He has made an attempt, feeble as it is, to address the looming food crises. Unfortunately Lugar believes the solution lies in increased US charity to the poor nations of the word. He explained his views in a recent Indianapolis Star editorial.

His letter was an especially important reminder to all of us concerning worldwide hunger. He encouraged the US to take the lead in feeding an expanding world population and writes that congress should address the problem with “effective aid legislation.” The numbers of nations and people who are starving grows everyday. Lugar did not mention another crisis already affecting the world, especially the poor, and that is water shortage. Wars will be fought over fresh water for drinking and agriculture. Because water will become more valuable than oil, many more millions will suffer and die in the next decades.

Unfortunately, Senator Lugar offers no solution except encouraging Congress to pass legislation. Hah! But there is one solution easily within our reach, and that is putting an end to overpopulation. We cannot and are not willing to provide adequate food and clean water to those in need with world population as it currently is. Continuous and increased suffering and war is unavoidable. It’s true, we Americans will continue to sit comfortably in front of out TVs for a while watching the war news from around the world. But eventually the news will get worse and we will be sucked into a huge world crisis.

Senator Lugar did not mention that any attempt at a solution is doomed to failure without a restraint on increasing populations. This is where we must encourage and fund worldwide birth control. This is where the Catholic Church must reverse its policy concerning birth control. The world has changed since the Catholic Church proclaimed birth control was contrary to God’s wishes. We need Pope Francis to start the ball rolling, have a heart to heart with God and then proclaim His new and charitable policy, at least temporarily, until the problem of overpopulation is balanced with food and water supplies. With the onslaught of climate change, the problem will intensify. Churches as well as governments need to join together in solving this threat to humankind. It may already be too late.


About cgosling

I am a retired medical/scientific illustrator and creator of patient teaching simulators, who has given up illustration to write about science, superstition, and secular humanism. I consider myself all of the following: atheist, agnostic, secular humanist, freethinker, skeptic, and nature lover. I have several published books but the mass of my writing is unpublished. I write children's fiction, poetry, essays, and several plays and radio theater shows, that are available as free downloads to be used on secular podcasts and meetings. They can be heard on Indy Freethought Radio or on YouTube “secularradiotheater”. I hope some of my writings will be of interest to like minded freethinkers who I cordially invite to respond. I am also a Darwin impersonator. I invite readers to listen to and use the Darwin script for secular purposes.
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