Noah’s Post Deluge Diary

Noah’s post deluge diary is an effort to better explain what happened once the great ark came to rest atop of Mt. Ararat. It is an entertaining and informative approach to the premier events which are the moral precepts of the Abrahamic religions. For example, the origins of original sin, homosexuality, alcoholism, religious obedience, animal sacrifice, and slavery are dealt with in the Book of Noah.

Noah’s Post Deluge Diary can soon be found at secularradiotheater on YouTube as an old-time radio show, including acting, sound effects, music, everything you would expect from a 1950s radio show. Old Noah is blessed with a nagging wife, weird sons, and doubts about his captive animals. This tongue in cheek radio show is not only fun for all ages, it is also an informative lesson about bible contradiction and nonsense.

Noah has concerns about the raven and dove which did not return to the ark. He explains what happened to the behemoths and leviathans. His wife is devastated about her family, friends and innocent children who pleaded to be taken on board as the waters deepened. Noah finds bacteria and viruses that God secreted aboard the ark, and wonders what he should do with them. His wife disagrees about sacrificing the very animals that worked so hard to save. Noah is not sure if his son Ham sexually violated him while he lay naked and drunk in his tent. Noah is confused about dealing out punishment for this violation. Because his son Ham is unavailable, Noah decides to put a curse upon Ham’s son and make him and his descendants slaves to all mankind. Noah is reluctant to accept other young people to replace his lost sons and daughters. Look f
It seems old Noah is a sensible person trying to fathom the reason of God without much success.

The original biblical story of the flood was nonsensical so Noah decides to update and correct it. Be prepared for sacrilegious humor and secular common sense.

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Who is Giordano Bruno?


I told a friend I was writing a script about Bruno for Secular Radio Theater. He replied, “Bruno who?”

“You know, Giordano Bruno.” My friend looked thoughtful, “Yeah, wasn’t he a character in a TV show about the Mafia?

I replied. “I am writing about the Bruno who was burned at the stake by the Inquisition. He lived at the same time as Galileo.”

Feeling a little stupid, my friend replied, “Oh sure, I know who you mean.” And then he changed the subject.

It happens every time I mention the name Bruno. Most people don’t know who he was, and couldn’t care less.

Giordano Bruno’s birthday is this February 17. He was born in 1600, in Italy. He became a Benedictine monk at age 24 and then abruptly resigned from the order to preach “heresy” across Europe and England. His heresy was; He did not believe the earth was the center of the universe. He preached the earth traveled around the sun with the other planets.

Bruno was burned at the stake for those beliefs while Copernicus and Galileo were not. Copernicus’s work was wisely kept secret until after his death, and Galileo agreed to keep his mouth shut under pain of death. Bruno went further than Galileo, He voiced his opinion that the earth and other planets circled the sun; the Virgin Mary was not a virgin; and the Pope was not infallible. Bruno’s beliefs were mostly science with a touch of theology. These beliefs made him a heretic and caused him to be hunted across Europe by the Inquisition. He was finally captured in the independent state of Venice. Venice shipped Bruno off to Rome and its Inquisition, and the beginning of our story, on secularradiotheater, “The Bruno Debacle”.

If you are not familiar with Giordano Bruno, you will easily find many references on the Internet. I’ve read dozens; I suggest inquisitive people do the same. Especially, read the Catholic versions about Bruno’s trial, conviction and burning to make sure you have covered all the bases.

After doing our research we all agreed we have a bone to pick about the way Bruno, our secular hero, was treated then, and is currently treated by the Catholic Church. Of course, everyone agrees that Bruno was tortured and burned at the stake, no argument there.

My complaints are:

  1. The church never accepted accountability when the true facts about the cosmos finally came out and destroyed its basis for much of the Inquisition.  (We know the Inquisition was not based solely upon theology. It was a political tool used to obtain and maintain power.)
  2. Bruno was conveniently forgotten by the church. It was not until the year 2000 until Pope Benedict admitted the Church was wrong and offered a public apology for torturing and burning the poor man.
  3. Benedict finally admitted the Bruno affair was regrettable, but did not condemn or excommunicate those responsible of this foul act against humanity. No one was punished in secular or ecclesiastical courts for their crimes. If they had been, many notoriously cruel Popes and Cardinals would have been consigned to Hell for their role in the crimes.
  4. No one, including Bruno, should have been excommunicated for speaking simple scientific truth. I’d like to hear an excuse from the church. Did the church get it wrong or did God get it wrong concerning the matter?
  5. The Inquisition Court and Catholic Church absolved itself from blame by simply passing blame to the secular authorities for carrying out their indictment. After all, they still claim it was the secular authorities that imprisoned, tortured, and burned Bruno, not the Catholic Church.
  6. Similarly, it is claimed the Church cannot not be blamed for atrocities committed during times of general social unrest and ignorance. This is nonsense. There is a direct line of responsibility from the Dark ages to the present day.
  7. The science of the day led the Church astray; the science was wrong, not the Church.
  8. Bruno and many thousands of others, who were found guilty by the Inquisition, never got their sentences reviewed and reversed.  Theoretically, Inquisition victims are still guilty and still continue to suffer the tortures of Hell. Hey Pope, how about an official review and reprieve for their suffering souls? How much longer are you going to leave them there?

Secular Radio Theater’s imaginative story begins on the morning of Bruno’s death by fire. For the past eight years he has undergone torture and questioning by Benedictine clergy who now deny their involvement in the matter and blame secular authorities. During the years of the Inquisitions, the art and technology of torture had advanced considerably. Inventive machines were created to inflict pain to every part of the body. These torture machines still exist in museums across Europe. When physical and mental torture did not work due to the abstinence of the person being tortured or the intentional vindictiveness of the Inquisitors, burning at the stake was required. When Bruno refused to recant, the church felt it had to follow through with its threats and turned Bruno over to waiting secular authorities, which were commissioned by the church to do its dirty work.

The actual written documents and physical machines of torture still survive and are proof of religious atrocities long forgotten. The Stapado torture consisted of tying the prisoner’s arms behind his back hauling that person upwards so all his/her weight hung by his arms and shoulders, which painfully dislocate.  Starvation was popular as was the forced retention of fluids. The rack was popular and consisted of a table that allowed the chaining of arms over head and legs below so the table could be incrementally elongated. A prisoner’s joints would dislocate with great pain. Often the limbs were actually pulled from their bodies. Other tortures were devices that crushed joints. Thumbscrews and heated objects designed to penetrate body orifices were also popular. Although mutilation and blood were technically forbidden, Pope Alexander allowed those giving the torture to be forgiven by his fellow torturers for any wrongdoing that might result. Victims, who confessed of supposed sins still had to perform penances such as crawling on hand knees on pilgrimages, or wearing heavy crosses. The last inquisitional act in Spain supposedly occurred in 1834.

 “The Bruno Debacle” by Secular Radio Theater, attempts to bring these vital issues to public scrutiny. If one believes in the eternal punishment of the human soul in Hell for sins against the Holy Church and humanity, then those guilty must be punished and must include those who partook in the Inquisition. Unfortunately, the Church invented the Inquisition and chose to use Inquisitional power to further its political aims. The church itself must be held responsible.

We now realize the guilty ones were the Inquisitors themselves. Should these sinners be pardoned because they hold high rank in the church hierarchy? Apparently yes, because there is little record that Popes and church officials have ever been ostracized, punished or excommunicated for doing wrong.

If original sin is a reality; and the son must suffer for the sins of the father; and mankind is deemed guilty for the original sin of Adam and Eve, then yes, according to Christian theology, those church fathers that have inherited church responsibilities, should still be held accountable for the Inquisition, for religious wars and other atrocities committed against mankind.

Furthermore, what about those prisoners who died while being tortured or died between torture sessions without ever being found guilty? Their processions, initially awarded to the Church, should be confiscated and returned to the families of the accused.

I ask that you listen to “The Bruno Debacle” and judge it for yourselves. It will soon be available on “YouTube, secularadiotheater”. Just lean back, put your feet on your desk and allow your imagination to run wild. Bruno’s story contains little deep theology, but still enough to prevent kids in their informative years from accepting inaccurate views about their church. Unitarians, Universalists and liberal Protestants will have few problems recognizing the injustice done by the Catholic Church, but all religions must share the blame for ecclesiastical sins perpetrated against humanity if they continue to insist that supernatural events are real. As long as superstition supersedes reason and science, religion must share the blame for the historical sins of the church.

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Gosling and Schnitz at AMI meeting

Gosling and Schnitz at AMI meeting

Question – Why did the HMS Begle have a poop deck?

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Secular Radio Theater

 Are you a secular humanist, or an atheist, or an agnostic, or a freethinker, or a skeptic, or a non theist, or a non believer, or a non theist? Which ever you are, you will enjoy Secular Radio Theater. All you have to do is search for secularradiotheater on YouTube

ImageImageImageImageFour Secular Radio Theater shows are now available with several more on the way. Each show is replete with music, sound effects, and a story line that will capture and keep your attention. 

Those who listen invariably close their eyes and are transported to another time and place, to another reality that has no need of special video effects and computer animation.

Galileo’s Dilemma transports listeners to Galileo’s cubical in Hell and introduces them to a surprisingly sympathetic Satan who does his best to help the dejected Galileo. A surprise ending explains what actually transpired in history.

Dante’s Infirmary (He Who Drinks Boiling Tea) is the story of a one time friend of Charles Darwin, who rejected evolution, but was excommunicated on his death bed anyway. He finds himself in Hell confronting the same treacherous Satan who dealt with Galileo. Satan engineers another surprise ending listeners will love.

And Man Created God is a time travel adventure that transports two college students back in time in an attempt to discover an ancient human’s first thoughts about the existence of God. The students experience the danger and beauty of that time so long ago, and then report back to their professor and classmates what they have learned.

Darwin’s Recantation and Conversion deals with an eyewitness account that puts the theory of evolution into doubt. Actual quotes from numerous characters, including Darwin himself, will leave no doubt in the minds of listeners.

Einstein From The Other Side is a straight out interview with the great scientist who thoughtfully answers questions and expounds about his religious beliefs. All of Einstein’s words are actual quotations.

Don’t miss the chance to be transported back in time to experience exciting stories that will give you a new insight into history. 

Revised biblical stories soon to be published: Noah’s Post Deluge Confessions, and Job’s Patience Comes to an End. All Secular Radio Theater shows are recorded in Crunchy Frog Studio, Indianapolis.

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New publications by Craig Gosling

Two new books written by me that you might be interested in:

The Adventures of Roy The Animal Boy – A little boy discovers he has a special skill of communicating with animals. Kids will love the book which is a series of short stories following Roy’s life from cradle to college. Real fun and adventure all within the realm of possibility. $10.00 plus $2.00 shipping.

A Secular Anthology of Poetry – Poems you can understand at the first reading. They cover topics such as religion, superstition, nature, evolution, and of course, secular humanism. For readers who think or are open minded. $10.00 plus $2.00 shipping.

Rhyme and Reason with Animals – (Published in 2008) Children’s poems designed to help them learn how to read and enhance their vocabulary. Filled with fun illustrations kids love. The perfect book for kids learning English as a new language. $10.00 plus shipping.

Books are available by contacting:

Poems and illustrations fit for kids learning English as a new language

Poems and illustrations fit for kids learning English as a new language

Craig Gosling –

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Free Lecture Presentations For Non-profit Uses

The listed lectures are available to non-profit educational organizations and students upon request. Name, status, intended use are required. Credits must be listed.

Contact graygoosegosling for brief summary of slide content.

All lectures were given at Center For Inquiry Indiana as part of the monthly series Scientific Medicine and Mental Health. Subject matter may be controversial and its accuracy is not guaranteed.

Human evolution
Facial Beauty
Sports Injuries
Normal Host, Infection
Microbes and Viruses
Beyond Mainstream
Fish oil and CAM
Intro to Bacteria
Athletic Injury
Evolution of Consciousness
Trick or Treatment book review
Spiritual Brain
Brain-Who’s In Charge?
Cosmic Blue Print
Spiritual Brain
Second Hand Smoke
Behe/Miller Evolution Debate
Miracles – Joe Nickell
Does Prayer Work?
Parasites, Symbiosis and Evolution
Thinking About Thinking
New Information
Free Will
Skin Cancer
Top medical News, 2011
How to Spot A Lie
Sweet Tooth
Charity, Faith and Secularism
Top Medical News, 2012
UK Health, Socialized Medicine
Why We Get Sick
Darwinian Disease
Health Truths Overturned
Health and Disease
Microbe Are Us
Paleofantasy – Cavemen Health
How Healthy Are You?
Sleeping Brain

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“God and Obama”

“God and Obama Care” was an Opinion Letter in New Scientist Magazine, Oct 2013. It caught my attention for obvious reasons. It’s from Rev. Dr. Derek Suchard’s review of Ara Norenzayan’s book, “Big Gods: How religion transformed cooperation and conflict.”

A reader “wonders why the U.S., one of the most economically developed countries, is still among the most religious.” Has that thought ever crossed your mind? After all, citizens of prosperous nations with good schools are more likely to understand science and reject superstition. A good education leads to reasonable thinking and the rejection of supernatural claims. Modernity and science invalidate Iron Age religious beliefs. I am not surprised if you wondered about this as I do.

I admit it, I’ve always wondered why The U.S. has so many true believers and so few non-believers. Now, I think I’ve found the answer.

According to the opinion in New Scientist Magazine, this is where Obama Care enters the discussion. The general principle is: When people are secure in their lives and well cared for, they are not occupied with belief in an afterlife or adherence to a life of worship. Only those people with inadequate health care and an insecure future feel they must search elsewhere for security. Socialized medicine and universal health care have provided a relatively secure environment for populations of most developed nations with the exception of the U.S. In spite of what you might have thought, less privileged Americans, like people in underdeveloped nations, need a Godly Health Care Plan because they don’t have a government plan. It is the only one they can afford.

Fact: The U.S. has the most expensive and least comprehensive health care of all the modern industrialized nations. The majority of Americans, those without any health insurance and those without adequate health insurance, feel insecure. They worry about their health and the health of their children. This discomforting feeling makes them more likely to search for divine security, in a compassionate God. They seek comfort in the knowledge that an all-powerful deity is looking out for them in this world and in the after life. It makes them feel good. Whatever happens, they believe God is with them. Extremists, like Christian Scientists and some Evangelical sects and cults have so much faith in God, they rather let their children die than bring them to a doctor. They believe sincere prayer is superior to modern health care.

In the U.S., this kind of religious extremism is primarily found in those economic groups that are low paid or without jobs. They can’t afford good health insurance so they go without, or buy crummy insurance plans, or are satisfied with their employers crummy plans. When millions of Americans can’t afford to buy adequate health security, religion is their next and only option. Security in this life and the next is relatively inexpensive if all one needs to do is pray for god’s blessing and protection. Religious leaders want their followers to buy Godly health plans. The most it will cost believers is a Sunday morning offering.

As you know, compared to the religious U.S., other developed nations are non-religious and their empty churches must be subsidized by their governments. Their churches don’t play much of a role in their lives. Their socialized health care soothes the worried mind and effectively takes the place of a God who promises divine health care. While their churches are empty, hospitals and clinics are filled with grateful patients. In addition, effective preventative health care, provided by socialized medicine is leading to healthier populations and lower medical costs. Preventative health care will result in populations who live longer and are healthier into their old age. Health care costs will fall in these nations. Religion is no longer needed for that good old feeling of security and peace of mind. Socialized medicine seems to make sense. Yes, I know, “socialized medicine” is supposedly a communist practice that will rot your mind and destroy the nation. I don’t believe it and neither should you. Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid should convince you of that.

Perhaps the above theory is too simplistic. No doubt there are other factors involved in the high level of U.S. religiosity. I wouldn’t be surprised.

The U.S., with Obama Care, is belatedly entering a new era, an era of socialized medicine, which promises to give health coverage to all regardless of how much money they have. Once Americans feel secure concerning health care issues, they may decide they no longer need God’s impotent health care plan. I wouldn’t be surprised.

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